Mokihana Aquatics Policies

Dues and Fees


I. Dues

A. An initiation fee is required from all individual swimmers. The initiation fee will provide an individual swimmer with first year national governing body membership (USA Swimming), first month's dues, and a one time processing fee. The fee will vary based on national and Local Swim Committee (LSC) fees. Masters swimmers shall be exempt from the processing fee requirement.

B. A yearly national governing body membership fee as determined by the LSC shall be paid to Mokihana Aquatics annually in October. This fee will vary based on LSC fees and National fees. An annual fee to help with Mokihana-hosted swim meets shall also be assessed at this time. This fee shall be in addition to monthly dues and based upon Mokihana membership at the time. An annual hospitality fee of $50 per swimmer for the Mokihana Aquatics Fun Meet shall also be assessed.


C. $65.00 per month per swimmer and $40 for each additional family member nine (9) years old and above.


D. Dues for 8 & Unders shall be $40.00 per month. No family discount for 8 & Unders.


E. Dues are due by the first day of September for the September through February semiannual payment and by the first day of March for the March through August semiannual payment. Semiannual dues will be considered delinquent on September 20th and March 20th respectively. A $100 fine will be added to the dues collected after the delinquency date. Dues may be paid in advance. No refunds will be made on dues. Swimmers will be barred from practice on the 25th of September and March respectively should dues not be received by then. Three (3) delinquencies within a five (5) year period will be grounds for expulsion from the club. (see item I. below)


F. If a swimmer does not attend any practices in a particular month for personal reasons (health, other sports, vacations, rest, etc.) there will be a $5.00 continuation fee provided that there is prior knowledge and consent of Head Coach.


G. Failure of financial responsibility will result in swimmer's name being forwarded to their respective national governing body as a member in bad standing. (see item E. above)

H. Bi-annually you will be emailed your invoice to pay your dues online, this will include an $8 online payment fee. 


II. Attendance (age group only, excluding 8 & Unders)

A. All swimmers must attend a minimum of 50% of weekly scheduled practices.


B. Invitational level swimmers must attend a minimum of four (4) practices a week.


C. State level swimmers (and above) must attend a minimum of five (5) practices a week.


D. Swimmers are responsible for calling the Coach on days not attending practice or they will be assessed an unexcused absence.


E. Canceled practices will be considered excused absences. NOTE: (Last minute cancellations). We will attempt to notify at least one (1) hour in advance of scheduled practice.


F. Section II Attendance rules may be modified by Head Coach based on pool availability and on individual family notification and circumstance.


III. Practices (age group only)

A. Swimmer will not be allowed to practice if more than 15 minutes late. Swimmer will be assessed an unexcused absence.


B. If swimmer gets sick during practice or cannot continue the workout for any reason, parents will be notified and required to pick swimmer up within 15 minutes of call.


C. Coaches will not be responsible for swimmers after the end of scheduled practices. A late pickup fine of $5.00 per five (5) minutes will be assessed starting ten (10) minutes after the end of scheduled practices. Swimmers will not be allowed back to practice until late pickup fines are paid in full. After 30 minutes swimmers may be turned over the property authorities (Police or CPS).


IV. 8 & Unders

A. 8 & Under's are only allowed to practice a maximum of three (3) times a week.


B. 8 & Under's practice is limited to one hour on designated days. 6 & Under's practice is limited to 45 minutes on designated days.


C. 8 & Under's may not participate in Invitational or State level meets.


D. 8 & Under's are not eligible for individual club awards.


V. Competition

A. Swimmers will represent Mokihana Aquatics only in meets approved by the Head Coach.


B. Swimmers who would like to represent Mokihana Aquatics in an Invitational, State Championship, Zones (Regional Championship), Jr. National, Sectional, Sr. National, or the U.S. Open Championship must make three (3) qualifying times

(excluding splashes) and be approved by the Head Coach. Decisions are subject to discretion of Head Coach.


C. Swimmers will be discouraged from swimming in meets where the Head Coach and/or designee will not be present.


D. Swimmers will not be allowed to represent Mokihana Aquatics in any meet where minimum attendance requirements have not been met or will not be met 30 days prior to competition. (See section II).


VI. Travel

A. Team managers and chaperones must be members of USA Swimming and have successfully passed a USA Swimming-administered criminal background check. (Code of Conduct, USA Swimming Rulebook 305.5.B)


B. Regardless of gender, a coach shall not share a hotel room or other sleeping arrangement with an athlete (unless the coach is the parent, guardian, sibling, or spouse of that particular athlete). (Code of Conduct, USA Swimming Rulebook 305.5.A)


C. When only one athlete and one coach travel to a competition, the athlete must have his/her parents’ (or legal guardian’s) written permission in advance to travel alone with the coach. (Code of Conduct, USA Swimming Rulebook 305.5C)


D. A $20.00 chaperone surcharge shall be assessed for all meets. Chaperone surcharges are included with travel deposit.


E. A $25.00 per day coach's surcharge shall be assessed for all off-island meets.


F. Parents must promptly pick up swimmer upon return to Lihue Airport. A late pickup fine of $5.00 per five (5) minutes will be assessed starting ten (10) minutes after swimmer is ready to be picked up at the curb. Swimmers will not be allowed back to

practice until late pickup fines are paid in full. After 30 minutes swimmers may be turned over the property authorities (Police or CPS). Note: Policy on travel may vary on an individual basis depending on Coach's recommendations, chaperone availability, health and maturation of the athlete, and length of the swim meet.

VII. Club Fundraisers

A. Club shall retain all monies during a designated club fundraiser.


B. All members are required to participate fully in club fundraisers. Members who do not participate fully in a club fundraiser shall be assessed a quarterly fee. Fee shall be $125.00 and due on the 1st of January and each subsequent quarter thereafter.

Should assessment not be paid within 15 days of due date swimmer will not be allowed to practice with team and may be subjected to permanent dismissal from program. Total annual assessment shall not exceed $500.00.



NOTE: Mokihana Aquatics does six (6) major club fundraisers annually. Full participation is required in all fundraisers. Full participation in our Fun Meet requires that each member family serve on an organizing committee or be a timer and/or other official at the meet. Failure to meet these commitments entirely will result in assessments per section VII B.


VIII. Swimmer Fundraisers

A. All swimmer fundraisers shall be organized and carried out by the parents group with prior knowledge and consent of the Board of Directors.


B. 90% of all monies raised by an individual member shall be retained in a trust fund for said swimmer.


C. 5% of all monies raised shall be retained by the club for fundraiser costs.


D. 5% of all monies shall be put into a special fund to help compensate club with small group travel, dependent upon said meet and number of swimmers traveling.


E. Trust fund monies can only be used for travel with the club.


F. If a swimmer quits or is terminated from team roster, all monies shall be directed to the club's general fund after a 120 day holding period per USA Swimming policies.


IX. Supplemental Training

This policy covers any training outside the purview of Mokihana Aquatics including, but not limited to, swim clinics, swim workshops, and all supplemental training. On occasion, due to traveling, vacations, canceled practices, and many other reasons,

a dedicated swimmer may feel the need to supplement his or her training by going to another pool or venue to do workouts, lift weights, join a sports club, or attend workshops and/or clinics on any of a wide range of physical training and swimming topics.


These outside activities are not necessarily discouraged, but it is the duty of the swimmer and family to first consult with the Mokihana Aquatics Head Coach regarding any type of supplemental training. This is mandatory. Failure to notify the Head Coach

and to get his approval of any supplemental training, outside of Mokihana Aquatics' scheduled practice, could result in disciplinary action. This is due, in part, to USA Swimming insurance policies and to the risk of injury to the swimmer. Mokihana Aquatics will not be responsible or liable for anything related to unauthorized additional training.


X. Disciplinary Action

A. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd warnings shall be verbal (oral) between swimmer and Coach.


B. 4th warning shall be a written notice to the parents.


C. 5th warning — disciplinary action and a written notice to parents and Board of Directors.


D. 6th warning — expulsion from team and written notice to parent and Board of Directors with a 15-day period to appeal per USA Swimming policies.


E. All warnings must occur within a 12-month period and will remain on record for an additional 12 months.


F. Disciplinary action shall be taken for behavior deemed inappropriate by the Head Coach and staff. Inappropriate behavior will include, but shall not be limited to, fighting, stealing, swearing, sexual misconduct, insubordination, and unsportsmanlike conduct. Unexcused absence and a failure of financial responsibilities shall also warrant disciplinary action.


Rev: August 1, 2015